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From: Jenny Thomas, UK
Sent: Saturday March 10th 3:35 PM
sinus testimonial very satisfied customer

Dear All,

I have been purchasing your wonderful treatment for many months now.  I am a long term chronic sinusitis sufferer or perhaps I should say I WAS.  

I have had chronic sinusitis and infections for about 11 years now.  I have had 3 large surgical operations on my nose and sinuses and adenoids and tonsils removed.  I had got into the dreadful cycle of more or less having to be on constant anti biotics with all the problems they bring. 

I had reached desperation point to be honest and then I went on to the internet and found your site.  Having tried many various remedies in the past to no avail I did not hold out much hope to be honest when I read about your cure for sinusitis. 

Anyway I sent off for the treatment and instructions etc and proceeded to try it.  To my delight and amazement it worked within 3 days!!! For the first time in years and years I was totally free of sinus pain and infection, I no longer felt very ill and sick and dizzy, my headaches went and best of all I could throw the anti-biotics out of the window. 

I was really worried it would stop working but about 9 months on now from then it is still working its magic.  Because of all the infections I have had in the past and the surgery the cilia in my nose and sinuses do not work anymore so my sinuses cannot drain like normal peoples can as the mucus pools and used to then get infected. 

Due to your wonderful treatment this no longer happens.  However I do have to inhale the treatment 3 times a day every day as if I do it any less than this the infection and symptoms return.  However this is a small price to pay considering its givem me sinus infection free life back!!

I went for a check up this week with my very lovely ENT surgeon who has been a star throughout all my troubles and he was very impressed with the state of my nose and sinuses and said it was as good as he'd ever seen it!!! 

One of my worries was that the bacteria in my sinuses would become immune to the treatment just like they had to anti-biotics but the Consutlant said no he did not think they would which is just wonderful.

This is really just to let you know how well it has worked for me and my case was a very difficult one to fix as my sinuses are bascially knackered!!!  

I wanted to thank you all so much for your wonderful discovery and treatment and please please alwoys keep your treatment available and on the market as I would never want to go back to life without it. 

I can never thank  you all enough.  To any other sufferers reading this - this email is totally genuine and every word in it is true.

With best wishes to all

Jenny T, Sussex, England.


From: William Rigbymailto:****
Sent: Monday, February 05
Subject: Great Results
happy man

Just wanted to send a quick email to tell you what wonderful results I have had with your product.

When I received it in the mail, I was pretty skeptical that cinnamon, thyme, and cloves could make any difference with sinus/allergy problems that I have been having for years.

Recently, my puffy eyes had gotten worse, and almost embarrassing, especially when I could hardly open them on certain days when I awoke. Anyway, I thought I would give it a try. About an hour after I did the first treatment, my sinuses began to drain, and drain, I couldn't believe it!!

Now, after about three weeks of doing the treatments, I only have to do them about twice/week!!

I am so excited that the swelling around my eyes is gone, and all the other symptoms that go along with sinusitis.

Thank you so much!!

M. Rigby


From: maria****
Sent: Friday, February 02 3:35 PM
sinus testimonial very satisfied customer
Subject: Your Sinus Product

Hi Joe,
My husband is now on the third day of using your product.  The one thing we did notice about the product is, if you have asthma you should always have your rescue inhaler nearby because it's pretty strong and it caused  him to do a lot of coughing, so I reduced the number of drops and he doesn't seem to cough as much. 

We love your product, and he feels it's working.  We can see a change in his breathing, and he's sleeping much better. 

My husband had 7 major sinus surgeries and refuses to have another.  We thank God for giving you the gift of putting this product together and making it work. 

He has been on every medication that's been on the market, and this has been so far the best.

C****** Carter

From: Joe M [mailto:****]
Sent: 06 December 02:25
Subject: Re: Sinus Doctor
happy man

Dear Joe,

More good news: a registered nurse that I know was scheduled for sinus surgery, and I told her about your wonderful products.

She started using the plant extracts a few weeks ago, has had a total cure, just like me, and has cancelled her surgery.

You are providing a wonderful service to people all over, and I appreciate you so much. I have become a "true believer" in your products, even though it is not a matter of faith, but rather of solid evidence. IT WORKS!


Joe Mondello  


From: pj stover
Sent: 02 July 09:35
happy female customer

I bought it about 3 weeks ago and nothing has ever worked like this stuff... I will tell u I should be selling it!!

I told everyone I know!!! I have never ever felt better!!!

I had sinus surgery 5 yrs ago but I have had constant sinus infections and I mean I could never get rid of them for about 3 yrs now.

I use the stuff about 1 time a day and feel great!!! I am sooooo sooo glad I found your web site.

I am just sorry I didn't find it 3 yrs ago!

Thanks again Im a forever believer!!!

PS do u know of anything like this for someone with asthma!?? PJ Stover


From: ****
Sent: 08 July 2006 15:11
Subject: Your Sinus Treatment
happy man


Your sinus treatment worked for me and in under a week my sinus and congestion was cleared.

This after four rounds of very strong Augmentin (Antibiotic) failed to help.  I use your product weekly now. 

I also cancelled my scheduled sinus surgery ($10,000+). 
Amazing product results. 

Thank you,
Mike G.
( United States )


Received saturday 17th June
happy female customer


I purchased your remedy only last week and I must say

THANK YOU . OH MY GOSH . IT HAS WORKED  My son can breathe again,  He's only 7 yrs old, and from his sinuses he's been coughing, become asthmatc, throwing up green and yellow sputum, gagging on all of it, having sleepless nights, can't join his friends in cold weather ect.

NOW are the new happy days, where we even went caving last weekend in minus temps. and no major dramas.

I do the treatment once a day because he insists (only a minute at the most) and he's fine.

We'll see how he goes, but nothing else has come close to this yet. The immediate improvement is astounding to   the whole family. Even we get over the steam just for fun.

All my love and gratitude


I've got him a liquid supplement and vit C and thats it.


Hello Christine,

I have now used the sinus remedy that I purchased from your company.
As you may have surmised, my feeling of getting relief from any product was rather skeptical.

Be that as it may, I now have, without a doubt, proof that your products and system of eliminating a sinister sinus dilemma works and works well.

I will be forever indebted to you for assuring me and hoping that the benefits derived from the product will bring the desired relief.

Thank you and everyone for making “Sinus Doctor” available. It really works fast, well and without side effects.  
Best Wishes
mbglick , a very satisfied customer

Dear Christine,

Thank you tremendously for sending the treatment.

I wish to say that this treatment is indeed the 'magic bullet' I was looking for!

It worked immediately. Although my infection was on the mend when I received the treatment

I must say that it zapped it immediately. My energy has returned and I am looking forward to a sinus-free life!

Thank you so much. I wish you every success with this amazing product.

Best wishes,


From: carol
Sent: 23 June
happy female customer

Dear Christine,

It works, I have had colds every month all winter long for 70 years, I sent for this last fall and havent had a cold yet this winter and it is now April.



From: Marion
Sent: 13 Feb
happy female customer

Hi there

Many thanks for sending me details of the web site again.

I have to say that I have suffered from sinusitis for about 18 years on and off. I have tried many remedies, and have had anti-biotics and different nasal sprays from ENT specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying surgery till I saw your web site.

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my headaches are less frequent.

Thank you so much.


Hi my name is Frank I***
i was reluctant to try it so i did order it and it was a good decision it really works i cant believe it.

I like to thank you for it Believe it or not it works                          regards Frank I***

Hello Christine,

I have now used the sinus remedy that I purchased from your company.
As you may have surmised, my feeling of getting relief from any product was rather skeptical.

Be that as it may, I now have, without a doubt, proof that your products and system of eliminating a sinister sinus dilemma works and works well.

I will be forever indebted to you for assuring me and hoping that the benefits derived from the product will bring the desired relief.

Thank you and everyone for making “Sinus Doctor” available. It really works fast, well and without side effects.  
Best Wishes
mbglick , a very satisfied customer


The package arrived Saturday, January 14th. Thanks so much for all of your hard work getting this to us.

My wife has been taking the treatments and is feeling better today than she has felt in 2 1/2 years.

Her doctor and allergist didn't come up with a solution, but this amazing medication seems to be working.

With our best regards,


Begorra and I purchased your treatment.

The results of the therapy were very favorable. We are now dealing with replacing the flora lost through perscribed anti-biotics.   Something doctors don't give a fig about.
Have a nice Christmas
Gene O

Hi Christine,

            It's been about a month since I've used the drops for my sinuses and I just wanted to let you know what a miracle of healing these drops were for me. 

After 3 days of using these drops, I was almost completely restored to health. 

Originally, I could not breathe and the phlegm would travel down my throat during the night into my stomach which led to pneumonia.  The beginning of December I had been treated with antibiotics for 2 months (December and January). 

I am occasionally using them once a week for 3 or 4 minutes as a precautionary measure. 

I also received a call from someone in Florida whose wife had a serious sinus problem and I highly recommended your product.  I am so thrilled with the results that I will telling everyone about it. 

Sorry for the late correspondence.  I do apologize.

Thank you,

Leo Grenon

Hi Christine

I just wanted to say your PRODUCTS WORK! I can't believe it! FINALLY! After 2 years of horrendous suffering and thousands of dollars spent on antibiotics and surgery I am FINALLY healthy!

It took about 2 solid weeks of breathing in the extracts every 2 hours per day but finally both sinuses cleared after 9 days. then the mucous changed to clear and the sinuses stayed open longer. Finally after about 2 weeks the stubborn infection was gone.

I have allergies to dust so I have to still use it every day but not as often.


I am buying some for my Dad who has suffered from sinus infections of 40 YEARS (yes thats correct--40 years)! He tried everything too but nothing worked.



I recently start using your product and the result is great. I steam 3 times a day, and the infection is almost gone. 

A week ago my throat starts to hurt, it feels like sorta flue but I am not sure. Could it be a side affect or an allergy? I followed the advice in the video by putting drops on my skin, and everything seems to be ok.


Thank you so much for your prompt response and the treatment and I might add that I am in my 70`s and have had problems for years and now I feel like I have been reborn as I have been mucous and cough free for about six weeks now and I still use the treatment at least twice a day and some days more.
Thank You again,


I recently received your sinus herbals and videos, and I had just completed 2 weeks of antibiotics for a sinus infection, and the outcome of that was typical, I was only about 80% well. 

I even had to switch to a more powerful antibiotic, and it would not clear it all, and all the while, my immune system was taking a beating and actually make my allergies worse from my gut mucosa getting creamed.  Oh, what a vicious cycle!

The day the package came, and it works just grand!  I had the most wonderful opening up of my head right away. 

OH, and I had fluid in my right ear that the antibioitcs did not touch.  My ear hurt just as badly after two weeks of antibiotics.  The first treatment, my ear was better! 

In three days, the rest of my sinus infection was totally healed, and a lot of gook came out of my ear and by day five, that pain was gone!

I have to visit my Mother in the nursing home each day, and just getting out this time of year puts me at risk for getting a sinus infection, so I do a treatment before I go, and one when I get back from there (also feel as if that might help protect me from any germs there), and I do a treatment when I get up in the morning and before bedtime.  So I do four treatments a day, and I only do about 5 inhalations. 

I cannot tell you how good they make me feel.  I think I am addicted to them. 

This is a godsend.  I cannot tell you how much this natural treatment means to me.  Thank you so much for making it available! 

The only thing that worries me is I cannot find where I can order more herbs.  I can tell these will last a long time, but I never want to be without them, and I do not want any other brand.  These are perfect and effective and I thrive on them...and most importantly, they work! 

I used to live, here in Nashville, Tennessee, in fear of sinus infections starting in October and lasting through February, and now I am going about my life and not living in dread. 

I just wanted you to know you have touched my life by taking the burden of my chronic sinus condition away.

I do the treatments in the spare bathroom, and our cat's litter is in there, and now the air is so fresh and clean even though we keep a clean box.  So another plus!  We love the scent it puts in that bathroom.  It's very refreshing. 

Have a wonderful New Year!
Rita R


I ordered you sinus treatment on 2-2-06.

I have to tell you, I have not felt this good in years and I do mean years.

For years I would have to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning and night blowing my noise. Also in the last 2 weeks, everyone I have been around has been sick. I felt a few times like I was getting sick, so I used the sinus system morning and night and it kept me from getting what everyone else has, no voice, flu, colds, bad coughs, etc.

I was told these bottles will last me years, but I will never run out of this sinus system ever. I tried to get my husband to use the system because he has been sick 3 times in the last couple of months, but would not listen to me, so to bad for him.

I am still feeling great and will continue to use the system every week, like the videos said to. Also, whenever I start to feel sick, I will also use it more often to keep me feeling great. Again, I have suffered from sinus infections for years and I do believe they have never gone away until now. Thanks again for this great sinus system of yours.

Karen B

And what people have said about our Free Videos...


"It's just like having a therapist in my own home.
I watched the videos then understood exactly how I was going to feel better.
And I did, in 2 days! "
Thanks so much.

James Griffiths, Ill.


"I watched the second video and now understand why it is so important to look after my sinus health. ...
I have peace of mind too, because I now know your natural plant extracts in your remedy, have been tested and selected by experts."

Eilleen Murray , Canada.


"I was amazed. I hadn't slept properly for weeks. I tried your unique sleeping technique for less than one minute... the next thing I knew I was waking up!
How did you do that?"

Helen Kelly, L.A.



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