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Received 2nd September 2010

From: Barrie Leigh

Subject: Re: Your Sinus Doctor roduct
To: Donna Customer Care

Hi Donna,

I cannot put into words how happy I am that I came across your web site.
Your remedy has changed my life, in so many ways!

Do you know, apart from NO PAIN, NO MUCOUS and NO MISERY, in 5 days I actually have GOT MY ENERGY BACK!

In more ways than one.

Thank you so much, I will never forget how you have helped me, after 10 years of drugs,

you sorted me out with your remedy,

just liked you promised.


Leslie Pearson

PS: I loved your web site. My husband said, 'It is a good old fashioned website!'


Received 28th March 2010


I have had a post-nasal drip since I was a child. I remember how kids in school would tease me when I had to clear my throat constantly.

Right before I tried your Sinus Cure, I was having terrible pain in my entire mouth at night.  I knew that I didn't have an abscess, it was just sinus.

I ordered the cure and used it for two straight weeks, 3 times a day.  Not only has my post-nasal drip disappeared, but believe it or not, my singing voice has improved tremendously, now that my vocal cords are no longer irritated by throat clearing.  I have always loved to sing, and people are now commenting on my voice.

What a great PLUS!  Thanks so much for the efficiency and NATURALNESS of your cure.

Leslie Hunter


Relax, Relief, Revive!


Received 2nd February 2010

And trust me, my mother did NOT write this!

Doc Joe,

i have already tried your sinus medicine.. and guess what.. its a magic..

This sinus was the biggest problem in my life, and its no more after using your medicine for just a week twice a day. and now thrice a week and i m on top of world.. you are no less than god to me... you are lifesaver.. you are legend.

My life was miserable.. i am doing two jobs and have a busy n hectic sked and could not afford to have a problem like sinus in my life... i was keeping pills in my pocket all the time to get rid of it as soon as it strikes me.. but cuz of your medicine i have got my life back.. my frns at work and me cant believe it happened so quickly without any side effect.. i just cant thank u enough..

i  could have writen you a thanks e mail a month after i got rid of sinus but i waited for few months just to make sure that its finally gone.. and now that i m sure its gone for good.. i am thanking you from the bottom of my heart..

this paragraph is for ppl out there suffering unnecessarily from sinus... youse gotta try this medicine has worked for me and there are 99.9% chances that it will work for you. you wont even i have to worry about taking refunds ..

i m telling you that day wont come that you have to ask for refund from Dr Joe. Dr. Joe is right on the ball.

Thank you very much Dr. Joe and whole team for sending me this magical herbs.



04 November 2008 12:25:49

Dear Joe,

Following my purchase I wish to let you know my results.

 I had a really blocked nose and despite 2 courses of antibiotics and paying
out a serious amount of money for every conceivable tablet, medicine and
potion I became frustrated and desperate to get rid of my blocked nose.

I had headaches, felt like I had flue and was sleep depraved though not
being able to sleep. In the early hours of the morning when I could not
sleep I googled "Blocked Nose" and found my way to your website. In
desperate times see desperate measures and I though "What the heck" and give
it a go and tried your remedy which was a 100% money returnable offer and
boasted it would clear my nose in 3 days....

Well .... I am amazed, astonished and astounded by its results and I have
only been using for 3 days....

I have told friends and even given a 3-day supply to a friend whom I hope
this will also clear her nose too.

To this end, I am eternally grateful to you guys for making me be able to
breathe again and this week be able to go on holiday able to enjoy it.

Many thanks

Paul Madders


From: lorraine *******>
Date: 2008/9/5
Subject: sinus treatment

I am so thankful to you for sharing your sinus remedy!
I was having trouble, too, with chronic sinusitus that antibiotics weren't curing the problem.

I was lucky to come across your site and decide to give you a try.

When I started the breathing treatment, I did notice a little relief on the second day,
but it wasn't until the fourth day that I was able to smell again and my head started to open up.
I will continue to use this treatment every 2 or 3 days to help my sinuses.


2008/9/11 *******

Hello Liz:
This is Ricardo once again.
I followed your instructions regarding the treatment.
I started using the treatment last Wednesday in the evening,
within (24) hrs my mucus started to change its color.
within (48) hrs only spots of yellow remained in my mucus.

For the next three days i used the treatment twice daily and
on Sunday evening the mucus vanished completely.

Many people around the world suffer with respiratory diseases.
I personally give God the thanks, the honor & the glory for leading me to you,
also giving him thanks for you and praying that he would continue to be a blessing to you.
I can only hope that he would lead many more to you for your help.

I will spread the word to my friends & brothers & sisters
in jesus christ about you & your cure.
May God continue to bless you.
I will Keep you inform.
Thanks a million.




From: Laura *****>
Date: 2008/9/13
Subject: the Sinus Doctor

I ordered the Sinus Doctor remedy a few months ago,
but did not have occasion to test its use until 10 days ago when I caught a cold.

I have never had anything work like this on my sinuses. It is fanatastic!

It has been ten years since I had a cold that did not turn into a sinus infection, but not anymore.

My sinuses cleared right up after just a day of using the product.

I was facing sinus surgery soon if I couldn't find an alternate treatment.

I was so tired of antibiotics, and some of them were not working anymore,
which is frightening since I am only 35.

I have recommended your product to friends and will certainly continue to be a customer.

I am just so pleased with this product, and my four year old loves it
because she claims it makes me "smell like a muffin".

Laura ******


Many many thanks !!

I have tried your remedy and it works!
For over 20 years I have tried everything.
All types of painkillers, acupuncture, reflexology-
and even a nose operation!

I was a bit cynical that this was not going to work but it did.
In three days I have never felt better in over 20 years.
I have more energy and now remember how it used to feel
like to breathe properly.

Thanks so much,


From: Jim & Margaret ******
Date: 2008/9/16
Subject: sinus Treatment

My name is Margaret ****, I live in Auckland N.Z.
I recently purchased your Sinus Remedy Treatment.
I was amazed at how fast the products arrived to my door,
and even more amazed at how much better I am feeling!!!

I am (soon not to be I hope!) a chronic sufferer of Sinusitis,
the current "attack" has lasted nearly 9 weeks thus far.
It ruins my life, I can't keep a full time job, and there have been
many YEARS of suffering where I could have crawled into a corner and
said ta ta to it all.
Not any more, I have renewed hope.
All the hundreds of Antibiotics I have swallowed over the years,
plus prednisone, and none of it has worked, in fact I felt worse.
After finding your site, I was elated! I am a great believer in Natural
and herbal products, And I am actually an Herbalife Distributor!!!!!!!!!!

So why wouldn't I want to try your remedy! I have been using the oils for almost 2 weeks,
I feel much better (Not perfect but I will get there).

I have been out and about, my appetite has returned, I can smell and taste food again.

So I would just like to say "Thankyou", and I will forever be using the oils.
When they run out, I will order more!

I went 5 days without having a Fever, which is the worst symptom of all for me,
as I have to go to bed then, and my whole body feels ghastly and fatigued.

I just have one question, You say to close your eyes while inhaling,
is it ok to also breathe in the oils through the Mouth??
It is not because I can't now breathe through my nose, but Sinus also
gives me a bit of a tight feeling in the windpipe and chest.
I am hoping your reply will be yes, so that tightness can be helped by the oils.

I look forward to your reply
Kind regards

Joes reply: Yes, Margaret. If you inhale through the mouth
it heals your throat, chest and sinuses.


From: bryan <b*****
Date: 2008/9/18
Subject: Thank You Liz!!!
To: Customer Support

Thank You Joe and Liz

all i can say is your folks are the best.
It is very rare indeed to find people who care for themselves in a true way.

When we care about our wellbeing ---- we have a better chance of caring for others.

I am speechless...

with you the very best,


2008/9/18 Garry *****>

just some feedback.
I was diagnosed with a sinus infection:
and was getting sick with a cold every few months;
Your remedy did work for me and I have not been sick for 10 months now...
I do have allegeries to dust mites and pet dander as well but my over health is better and my sinuses are a lot better .



Date: 2008/8/21
Subject: Re: How is your sinusitis?

Hello, I didn't request any info today but I did a couple of months ago and did purchase your product. 

It did handle my sinusitis, thank God!!  I had spent close to $400 on other products including antibiotics and nothing worked until I received your product.  Thank you so much! 

I've been telling people about you and am going to let the Medical Officer at the organization where I work know about it as she is always handling people with sinus problems, pneumonia, etc. and doesn't know anything about your formula.

Sincerely, K Hackenberg


From: RICARDO *****>
Date: 2008/9/3
Subject: Ricardo


Hi Joe:
The sinus remedy is a great break through and it is what i will be using from now on to treat my sinus problems.
My only problem is keeping warm.
All of the other advise you left with me i trying to keep.
I thank you very much and pray that god will bless you with great success.
I stll have enough of my first order to last me until another three months or more.
When i am in need of more of the sinus remedy you will know.
Once again (Thank You & God Bless You)

Ricardo Jordan.


From: * >
Date: 17 Oct 2007 23:24
Subject: sinus doctor

Hi Liz,

Just a note to tell you how happy I am with your product.

After years of using both expensive prescriptions, which caused some nasty side effects, like asthma, and non-prescription products which only helped for a day or two,( followed by unpleasant rebound side effects), to alleviate my sinus issues, I can finally breathe freely.

This last month has been the first time in years i've been able to sleep through the night without being awoken with dry mouth from not being able to breathe through my nose.

Also my daily sneezing bouts have stopped. This has led to a much better quality of life for me, and I thank you very much for that.

J. Adams


From: Rachael Gonzalez ******
Date: 30 Aug 2007 16:49
Subject: Sinus Doctor Testimony

I wanted to thank-you for making this product (sinus doctor) available via internet. I know that you get e-mails daily, but I felt that I should share with you my personal testimony about your product.

I am 24 and have suffered from sinus problems since I was a young child. I have had 3 surgeries, with the first one being when I was 9 years old.

Since I was young I have been on medication after medication, treating me for allergies, sinus infections, and polyps. Recently (about 8 weeks ago) I had a cat scan done and was told that I was most likely facing yet another surgery and I was prescribed more

I decided that enough was enough. Taking the antibiotics has
not worked in the past 16 years, why would they work now? So I started to research natural remedies for chronic sinusitis. I came across your website, and decided to give it a try.

At this point I had nothing to lose. I have been using the three oils for about 2 1/2 weeks now and what a difference it has made. After 3 days of using it I got my sense of smell back. (Which by the way I had not been able to smell anything for the past 8 months, even after 3 rounds of prednisone and levaquin!!)

Also since I started using the product the pressure I felt when I bend over is no longer there, and I can breathe out of both of my nostrils with ease!!

What was even more amazing was that I went to see my doctor yesterday. He said I look much better, and he was able to get the scope into my sinuses, whereas before he wasn't able to because I was so swollen. He advised me that I still have viewable polyps and said I am most likely still looking at surgery and he then scheduled me for another cat scan.

I didn't tell him that I didn't take the prescribed antibiotics, but that I was using your natural remedy. I am going to have the cat scan done which will prove to him that this product really does work.

When I see him again I'll tell him about the product and then maybe he'll recommend the product to his patients.

The greatest blessing for me in finding your site is that fact that I do not have to have another surgery!!!! I just thank God everyday for finding your site, and thank-you (the creator and makers of the product) for making the product available online to people in need, people like me.

Again, I just want to say thank-you for such your life-saving product. I have told almost all of my family members about the product. They have witnessed that this product does really work and they themselves are considering trying it, and they have also mentioned it to their co-workers.

When I have my next appointment I'll be sending a follow up e-mail in
regards to my prognosis and what the doctor says.

Take care and God bless.

Rachael Gonzalez
Date: 10-Aug-2007 21:36
Subject: Re: Sinusitis and Antibiotics

Hi Joe,
I thank you and God every evening for being able to breathe clearly.
As you called it, my nasal congestion comes back but I am confident that with your 3 essential oils that I will rid it forever.  I do get frustrated at times by the re-occurence and I just worry througout the day that my nasal congestion will get congested at an inopportune time such as when I went on vacation to Sedona California with a busload of people and we were still 3-4 hours away from our hotel where I brought your oils and a steamer - but that was still 3-4 hours away.
I couldn't have even gone away if it weren't for your oils.
I religiously use your treatment but I can't thank you enough for your contribution to the health of us sinus sufferers.  It seems that only we can related with each other in terms of the miserableness, outlook on life and irritability, in addition to waking up at night from the discomfort.
I have tried many medications, including anti-biotics and when I realized the danger as you pointed out from that, I quickly stopped but not before I suffered the effects such as digestion problems.
Since your treatment is the only one I can truly count on during times of "discomfort" I ordered 2 more packages for myself because I plan to use it on a regular basis to completely recover my health and for health maintenance also.
I am guilty of the following saying:
Men will spend their health getting wealth;
then, gladly pay all they have earned to get health back.
Fortunately, I did not have too much wealth to give back in the first place, but, spent money without hesitation on a possible "cure" for my condition.  It was as if I was breathing but not being able to take in the oxygen from the air around me.  I really can't place a price tag on that and I really appreciate the fact that you don't take advantage of that desperate situation with such a reasonable price on your oils.
I thank God that I didn't stop when I discovered your web-site and I thank you for delivering on your promises.  I would not have had much hope or options left otherwise.
I really appreciate your thoughts and genuinely honest and thorough info on sinusitis, the cure, the options and any pertinent information in regards to this very condition which really takes away from the enjoyment of life.
Yours truly,
Feel free to call me if your visit Los Angeles.
Lunch is on me!
PS - Thank you for your utmost professionalism and follow-through service;  let me know when you take your company public.  You deserve it.
This e-mail was also received recently.


I must tell you that your wonderful products have brought me a total cure of my perennial sinusitis! After suffering for many, many years with chronic sinus infections, and being stuffed full of antibiotics by many doctors, your amazing product has given me a total remission of all my symptoms.

On October 5th, I underwent a CT scan, which was the basis for my ENT specialist's decision to perform endoscopic surgery on me, scheduled for this coming Wednesday, Nov. 8th.

He said there was no other option available for me, since there was infection present in 5 of my sinuses, including both maxillary sinuses, one of the turbinates, and both of the ethmoid sinuses. 

Beginning in early October, I started using your wonderful product in a steamer twice a day, with symptomatic relief coming almost immediately.

But the most significant thing about this experience has been that these natural herbs are not just relievers of symtoms: they are in fact powerful natural antibiotics, and they have resulted in a complete cure of the massive infection that I have had for so long.   

Last Friday, Nov. 3rd, my surgeon had me take one final pre-op CT scan, to see if any significant changes had occurred since early October. When he walked into the consultation room, he said, "Do you want the good news first?" Of course I said yes. He then said, "You no longer need surgery, because your sinuses are completely clear!"

He said that he has only seen this type of sudden and spontaneous cure once before in his twenty years of practice.

Then asked me whether I had taken the antibiotics he had prescribed. I reminded him that I had refused to take any more antibiotics, and had not accepted his prescription. He then asked me what I had done or taken that might possibly explain such an amazing reversal.

I told him about using your product in a steam inhaler every day, and he immediately asked me for the names of the preparations.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with relief that the medical establishment has been unable to do for many years, since they are so locked into BIG PHARMA's "solutions". I just hope that my immune system can be rebuilt after insulting it for so long with so many antibiotics.

One more thing: please give me the name of some brands of electric steam inhalers that I will be able to add the oils to the reservoirs without damaging the product.

Thanks so much again for all your help in improving my quality of life! You may certainly use this unsolicited testimonial in your promotions. 

Gratefully yours,

Joe Mondello

Atlanta, Georgia, USA        


This genuine e-mail was received 18th November

Good Day!!

I am very, very happy and pleased to tell you that I only started using the three plant extracts yesterday. I could not wait to receive them, every day checking at the post office!

As soon as I picked up the mail and saw the package - I came home immediately, I turned on the computer and logged into the videos to demonstrate how to use the plant extracts. I then grabbed a pot and boiled spring water and dropped in probably 5 drops!!

I was desparate for relief. After taking a few "whifs" of the steamed extracts - I could breath out of both nostrils. My left nostril has chronically been closed!!! and only by using saline drops does it get relief for a few hours, then is immediately clogged again, and again, and again!

I boiled the pot of water, topping off the water and extracts, and let it steam through the living room assuring my mother that she is going to be super healthy this winter. After steaming the living room, I brought the pot into my room and let the steam fill my bedroom until it was cool.

After an hour or two, I repeated the steps throughout the evening and today also. I have been able to breathe through both nostrils since yesterday when I took my first "whif" of the steaming extracts.

Please tell Joe, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" I finally have relief and can finally breathe through both nostrils constantly now.

You know, I am so happy to be done with antibiotics, as you know what antibiotics do to females!

I cannot wait to order bottles of the extracts for my two children, both of whom also get bad sinus infections every spring and every fall. One is in Wisconsin and one is in South Carolina or I would run over to their homes and personally make them "sniff the steamed plant extracts."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Feel free to post my testimonial because I am going to tell everyone I know about your product and even make my "nonbelieving" family members sniff it for themselves so they will be convinced!


Glenda Davis



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